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The time of taking a single nutrient vitamin or mineral like Vitamin C or Vitamin E is outdated. Recent studies show conclusively that vitamins and minerals work together in synergy, and if one is inadequately supplied, then the others cannot work very effectively. Multi-vitamins are definitely the way to go.

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Pete Rose - Click to hear what he has to say about 1st Step for Energy


1 st STEP For Energy is a great supplement for the intense training I do. I figure if I’m going to work as hard as I do in the pool, I want something outside the pool that’s supporting my training and helping me, and 1 st STEP does that.”

Ed Moses, U.S. Olympic Champion, Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalist, Twelve-Time World Record Holder in Swimming


“As an elite Volleyball player, I have played eight professional seasons and competed in two Olympics and am currently training for the third. Before each practice, I drink 1 st STEP For Energy to assure my energy level is high from beginning until end. It not only supplements my dietary needs and gives me extra energy, it is also quite tasty. I know the importance of eating healthy and finding the right supplement so that I can continue to be blessed to perform well during intense training and competition. 1 st STEP for Energy is the vitamin and mineral supplement for me.”

Danielle Scott, 1996, 2000, 2004 Olympian, Three-time NCAA All-American


1 st STEP For Energy is AWESOME! I can’t say enough about this great multivitamin and mineral supplement. Since I have been taking 1 st STEP, my body has recovered faster with less soreness from long runs and hard workouts during marathon training. The greatest benefit for me has been that my iron levels have increased and I have been able to eliminate my liquid iron supplements. That is a huge plus for a distance runner! Thank you for such a great and beneficial product.”

Rachel Kinsman, Professional Distance Runner, Sponsored by New Balance


“I have been using 1 st STEP since 1997 and have been extremely happy and pleased with the product. The athletes, both male and female, have never experienced any side effects. You know you have a good product when the athletes keep asking for more.”

Curtis I. Tsuruda, Strength Coach, Tulane University


1 st STEP is a great tasting, complete multivitamin and mineral supplement. It has been extremely effective in helping our players meet their nutritional needs. The players love it.”

Keith Gray, Strength Coach, University of Georgia


“My goal is to create an environment and a workout/nutritional regimen that will help our athletes achieve their highest potential. 1 st STEP liquid multivitamin and mineral supplement is a significant part of our program. This product is one of the best nutritional supplements that we have ever used at Ohio State, and in my opinion, it is the best multivitamin and mineral supplement that my athletes and I have ever taken. If you are looking for a high-quality multivitamin and mineral supplement, 1 st STEP is definitely the way to go.”

Anthony Glass, Ohio State University Directory of Strength & Conditioning, Olympic Sports


“Our athletes love the taste of 1 st STEP and take it everyday; because of this I know they are getting the proper vitamins and minerals to recover from strenuous workouts in the weight room and on the field. Our number one goal is to keep athletes healthy and injury free; 1 st STEP helps us to reach this goal. I highly recommend 1 st STEP for your vitamin and mineral needs.”

Craig Sowers, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, University of Texas at El Paso


1 st STEP liquid multivitamin and mineral supplement has become an integral part of the nutritional regimen for our athletes at West Virginia University. 1 st STEP has become our daily insurance policy with our athletes. Not all of our athletes take the time to prepare the proper nutritional meals on a daily basis, and I know that when our athletes take 1 st STEP daily, that they are receiving proper amounts of vitamins and minerals needed to perform at their highest athletic level. I highly recommend 1 st STEP as the multivitamin and mineral supplement of choice for anyone who lives an active lifestyle.”

Mike Barwis, Head Strength & Conditional Coach, West Virginia University


“The hours are grueling during volleyball season and take a lot out of me, both physically and emotionally. For the past 17 years, I have ended each season at the doctor’s office. I started taking 1 st STEP in August and immediately noticed how much better I felt. I also had a noticeable increase in energy. It is now November; my season is still going, and so am I! Because of 1 st STEP, this is the FIRST season I have not been ill. Thanks, 1 st STEP, for turning me into a believer!”

Karin Keeney, Head Varsity Volleyball Coach, Hebron High School.


“From experience I can say this is one product that really does the job and will keep you healthy, regardless of your age or fitness level.”

Lisa Roach, Professional Body Builder, 2002 NGA National Champion, Fitness Consultant/Trainer


Since we have been using 1STEP with our athletes at LSU, we have seen the reduction of muscle tears and cramping. Our athletes are healthier and recover faster from bouts of intense exercise.

Tommy Moffit
1999 Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year
Louisiana State University
1STEP is convenient, great tasting and the most effective multi-vitamin and mineral we have ever used at Mississippi State University - keep up the good work.
Mike Grant
Strength Coach
Mississippi State University
Keeping our athletes in tip-top shape and performing at their highest athletic level is a challenge each and everyday. Since we have begun using 1STEP we have had fewer injuries and our athletes have had a significant decrease in traditional flu and cold outbreaks associated with our cold weather climate here in Minnesota. I highly recommend 1STEP as the multi-vitamin and mineral of choice for anyone who lives an active lifestyle.

Cal Dietz
Head Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach
University of Minnesota
I live a very active lifestyle and 1STEP gives me the extra edge each day that I take it. I never want to go without 1STEP now that I have been using it for 12 months.
Michael Themar
I recommend 1STEP to all my clients because not only is it easy to use and tastes great, but it really works. The number one thing I recommend to all of my clients is a multi-vitamin and mineral. Now that I have found 1STEP, it is the only nutritional supplement that I recommend.
Dave Amelin
Personal Trainer
I'm in the business of training athletes. Considering the level of physical readiness that is needed to play at an elite level, nutrition has to be near perfection. 1STEP has been instrumental in helping me ready my athletes nutritionally to play in their respective sports. My athletes have more energy and are able to recover faster from intense workouts when using 1STEP. I recommend it to everyone.
Matt Heringer
Owner - Functional Fitness
With 82 games played in the National Hockey League, it is hard to keep your athletes healthy-not only from injuries but from various colds and flu symptoms. Since we have begun using 1STEP, I can honestly say that we have fewer injuries in terms of muscle pulls and have fewer of our athletes miss practices or games because of cold and flu symptoms. 1STEP is a great product.
Brian Peterson
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Tampa Bay Lightning
I am a 65-year-old woman that has been taking a multi-vitamin and mineral nearly all my life. Although I never felt anything from taking my tablets each day, I took them because my doctor recommended that I take a multi-vitamin and mineral. Since I was turned on to 1STEP over a year ago, I can feel the difference in my energy level and my doctor tells me that my blood count levels are the best that they have ever seen. I would like to say thank you to High Performance Fitness for bringing 1STEP into my life.
Carol Freely

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