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Monday, June 20th, 2011

All the time you are busy .  You don’t have enough time to go to the gym .  Due to lack of time, you can’t even stand away from your computer system . But you want to get a model’s body, it is your dream .  A Six pack abs glory.  Want to get that dream?

There are some easy abdominal exercises that you can do even at home to Get six pack abs.  Here are some exercises that can easily be done:

• Crunches

Almost all people know how to do this .  This exercise targets the upper abdomen as well as Lose belly fat.  It’s one of the primary but effective exercises . rose gold glitter iphone 7 case Crunches are done by lying on the flat surface keeping your hands on your chest or behind your head .  After that you can contract your abs and then hold it for few seconds and then return back to your normal lying position .  right crunches are in a continuous and controlled way of life.  Concentrate on your abdominal muscles to pull your upper body up.  Avoid using the neck or shoulders to push yourself up.  This incorrect work will cause try? and strains.

• Side Crunches

They are basically the same as regular  crunches, iphone x case full cover except that the main focus is on the oblique muscles which are also called love handles.  It also uses the same proficiency, iphone 7 phone case chrome only that you are crunching to either side of our abs.  This would burn the sides of your abs.

• Lying Leg Lifts

This exercise targets the lower abs.  with this kind of exercise, animal phone case iphone 8 you are on the same position as with the crunches,  you lie flat on your back and lift your legs six to dozen inches of the ground.  This would exercise the muscles in the lower part of the abdomen.  When performing leg lifts, place your hand down the stairs your buttock.  It adds buy and helps you get your feet elevated.

If you want to add more weight down into the exercise, attach padded weights into your ankles.  These weights can be purchased at the local sports store.  If you do not want to buy weights, you can simply fill up old tube socks with enough clean, spigen iphone 7 plus case idle cat litter to make one or two pound weight.

• V- Crunches

It is similar to lifting your legs which are lying other than your chest in the 45 degree angle .  Sit at the edge of a bench and reach back just enough to support yourself from completely lying on the bench.  Once you’ve stabilized, iphone 6 phone case smash resistant bring your knees toward your chest.  You would be creating a V gesticulate.  The base of the V would be your abs.

• Cat stretch

It’s the same with the movements made by a cat when they stretch their back. This simple action is a quick and easy exercise.  Get down on the floor with your hands and knees, with muscles at ease and looking straight before?”.  Next, tighten your abdominal muscles while thrusting you back up to as far as you can.  Maintain the position for five counts before lowering your back.

• Bicycle Crunch

To do this, start y lying flat on the floor. Put your hand beside your head then raise knees up to 45 degrees angle and them perform a pedaling motion like what you do when you ride the bicycle.

• Standing Side Bends

The fats present in the oblique muscle can be lost if encourage with standing side bends s.  To start, stand up straight with the stomach sucked in, legs straight and hands on the sides.  Simply lean the body from left to right being careful not to rotate the hips and while keeping  body facing front.  There is a variety of side bends, brown iphone 7 case this is the torso Ricks.  Instead of bending side to side twist or rotate the upper body from left to right while keeping the legs straight.

You can remove your flabby stomach and replace it with six pack abs,