The Myths and Truths of Bodybuilding

Strength training requires lifting weights on bars and using weights machines to cause your muscles to contract in response. There are excellent results for those who participate in strength training and unfortunately some misconceptions that are completely untrue.

The The Facts:

Just some of the benefits of weight training:

  • Makes you stronger and helps with muscle growth.
  • It makes you feel good. Endorphins are released during exercise, which will help to lessen anxiety and eliminate depression.
  • Lessens the danger of brittle bones by making bones stronger and thickening bones.
  • Will ensure you do not develop back pain or pulled muscles because weight training strengthens muscles and tendons, ensuring that they are less likely to be strained or pulled.
  • Can help to perfect your posture which helps to make you appear pounds lighter.
  • Gives the metabolism a boost by around 15%, ensuring a bigger calorie to energy conversion which leads to a loss of body fat.
  • Strength gained while training will make you feel self-assured and will help to boost your self belief.
  • Can actually halt mid-life metabolic decline, helping you feel younger and slimmer.
  • Your immune system will benefit and will be able to fight off disease and infection easily.
  • Can help with your sense of balance and co-ordination which will improve your ability in other exercises and sports as well as in your day to day life.
  • Can reduce the chance of getting diabetes.

The Myths:

  • Lots of women believe that strength training is only for men and that they are not strong enough to do this type of exercise. This is untrue, most people can benefit from strength training, regardless of gender.
  • Another misguided theory is that resistance exercise will gain excessive muscle mass. This is highly unlikely. Weight training will result in regular toned muscles. Women cannot produce enough testosterone to get massive muscles. Women probably get this idea from images of female bodybuilders who may use of pills and devote a years training for competitions. Women will not get anywhere near this type of result by doing an average weight resistance work out.
  • It is often presumed that cardiovascular training is more productive then weight training due to the increased amount of burned calories when in fact, by gaining one pound of muscle through weight training, an extra 50 calories are burned every day. weight resistance exercise enhances your metabolism calorie burn rate… even when you’re doing nothing.


In summary, weight training reduces the risk of developing scores of health conditions, enhances your metabolism and your potential to burn calories, keeps you active and slim and can be enjoyed by both sexes. Maybe it’s time to give weight training a try and prepare to be impressed!

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