Permanently Remove Unwanted Hair At The Convenience Of Your Own Home

Electrolysis is the only hair removal system that take hair out permanently. It is approved by the Food and Drug Association and is safe to use commercially.

At this very moment, the hairs on your scalp are growing at different stages:   Anagen – the growth stage. Catagen – the regressing stage and Telogen – the resting stage. Electrolysis works best if hair is in its anagen stage, the stage of active growth. Hair is most likely to grow back when electrolysis is done on the other stages (catagen and telogen) That’s the reason why it takes many a lot of sessions to get  all the hair out in electrolysis. We have to wait for the other hairs on other stages to revert back to anagen stage to permanently remove hair.

Another hair removal method is laser . Laser treatment works by sending intense beams of light that targets hair. The intense light produces enough heat to kill the hair follicle. The limitations of laser hair removal is that it works best with light skin and dark hair. Laser treatments don’t work well with light coloured hair and will burn those with dark skin. This is because laser treatment only targets dark pigments and won’t work with blondes or anyone with light-coloured hair. Laser is also not recommended for with African-Americans as it will burn their skin.

Electrolysis has a greater advantage over laser because it is not selective, it works on dark or light hair, light or dark colored skin. It doesn’t select dark pigments like laser, electrolysis is done by a professional by inserting a probe or stylet into the hair follicle and killing the hair root by introducing a mild electric charge or high frequency radio signals. It will take about a minute to treat each hair, and you will feel a tingling sensation on your skin. This is normal, it only means that the root is being killed and once it’s killed , it can easily be pulled out by tweezers and once it’s out, it’s permanently gone.

Hair removal by electrolysis is the only method that delivers true permanent hair removal, it has the best track record compared to other hair removal methods. The down side is that it requires several sessions before you can get all that hair out. Also, it is time consuming because of the sessions you have to go through and can be expansive.

But if you’re on a budget or you don’t have the time to go and get an electrolysis treatment at the salon, then you’re better off with the Clean & Easy Deluxe Personal Home Electrolysis. This nifty hair remover is a compact-sized electrolysis machine that delivers professional results. Now, you can do your own electrolysis anytime at the convenience of your own home. No more time consuming and expensive salon electrolysis ever.

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